Teaching Goals

  1. To realize the essence of Chinese culture, in order to develop national cultural spirit.
  2. To foster the abilities of appreciating, analyzing and writing classical Chinese literature.
  3. To foster the abilities of appreciating, analyzing and writing modern Chinese literature.
  4. To foster the abilities of studying Chinese Classics, and teaching Chinese.
  5. To train to be a gentle middle-school teacher with the professional knowledge of Chinese Language and Literature.
  6. To foster the abilities of editing, interviewing, publishing, the creation of cultures intentions, Talent of teaching Chinese as Foreign Language.
  7. To foster the abilities of researching and teaching international Sinology.

Distinguished Features

  1. The department provides an outstanding curriculum covering five major fields: literature, philosophy, classics, linguistics and paleography, Chinese teaching and application. These major fields are further divided into twelve curriculum modules.
  2. The department has set up the Creative Writing Program and invites World-renowned writers Gao Xingjian , Mo Yan , Nils Goran David Malmqvist, Yang Mu and Leo Lee as chair professors for the program.
  3. The department provides teacher education to groom potential Chinese teacher candidates. Various summer internship programs are also offered to students with different aptitudes.
  4. To provide opportunity in experiencing a new academic environment and cross culture, the department offers students both exchange program and dual degree programmes. In addition, numerous scholarships are available for students to apply.
  5. The department has established a student counseling unit to support advisers in their counseling work. Department Student Association and various clubs, such as sports teams, Lion Dance Troupe, Poetry Recital Club, etc., are also organized and directed under department sponsorship to allow students to get involved in diverse interests and build up solid relationship skills. 
  6. In addition to having its own library, with a collection comprising a rich and diverse range of printed books and journals, the department publishes two highly-esteemed journals: Bulletin of Chinese, and Studies in Sinology.  The department also provides intellectually stimulating facilities, including an E-Chinese Calligraphy Classroom, and Micro-Teaching Classrooms.