This department has been set up since AD 1946 . There were 2 classes of enrolled bachelor students and special training in Chinese courses respectively. Increment from 2 classes in 1959, to 3 classes in 1961, and to 4 classes in 1971. However there would be 3 classes only.

    Moreover, the Graduate Institute of Chinese has been since 1956. The program of Master Degree was provided first and the program of Ph.D began in the following year. There are two kinds of the program of Chinese teaching provided, including the weekly evening and summer courses. Till now the enrolled current students,

    The faculty of this department includes 39 full-time professors. Our full-time and part-time professors are all specialists in their field and scholars highly recognized in the academic circle. Their field of study cover classics, history, philosophy, Chinese Literature, Linguistics, Taiwanese Literature, Teaching in Chinese, and Mandarin teaching.

    Since the 2015 academic year, the bachelor’s degree class in this department has been reduced to 3 classes. Currently, there are 3 classes for the first to fourth grade bachelor’s degree classes, a total of 12 classes with 438 students. There are 94 students in each grade in the master’s class and 50 students in each grade in the doctoral class. The Department of Continuing Education has a master’s degree class in Chinese language teaching, which is divided into night classes and summer classes, as well as a special in-service Chinese language master’s degree class with a total of 92 students. There are a total of 674 students in the department. There are also Chinese language minors and double majors, which are not included.

    As for the teaching staff, there are 40 full-time teachers above the lecturer level (30 professors, 6 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, 1 project assistant professor) and 7 teaching assistants. There are 19 part-time teachers.